2013 Sportswoman of the Year

Yue Yue HE

Photo: Yue Yue HE

Flag: China China (CHN)


• 2013 Summer Deaflympics, Sofia, Bulgaria
He swam 5 individual swimming events. Five Gold medals out of five events.
Three events earned top ten FINA points (closest time to hearing world record)
He also swam 3 relays, with one Bronze medal and two 4th places
Total of 6 medals -5 Gold and 1 Bronze, 2 World Records

Swimming events at S2013 Deaflympic Games
200m Freestyle Gold 2:07.63 FINA points (4th) 693
400m Freestyle Gold 4:34.45 FINA points 661
800m Freestyle Gold 9:16.38 FINA points (3rd) 700
200m Fly Gold 2:20.03 FINA points 658 World Record
400m Medley Gold 5:04.07 FINA points (6th) 687 World Record
4x200m Freestyle Relay Bronze 9:15.99 FINA points 594

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

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HUANG Shu-Min flag: Chinese Taipei TPEBowling
HONG Eunmi flag: Korea KORJudo
HRASKI Rea flag: Croatia CROAlpine Skiing
TELSER Renate flag: Italy ITACycling Road
BIATOVSZKI Mira flag: Hungary HUNShooting
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