2013 Sportsman of the Year


Photo: Symon CHERONO

Flag: Kenya Kenya (KEN)


Simon Cherono from Kenya turned in an impressive series of performances at the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia winning individual medals in the following events:
• 1500m (Gold)
• 5000m (Gold)
• 10000m (Gold)

In addition to winning the gold medals, Simon set new records in the following events:
• 5000m (14:02.90 – World and Deaflympic Record)
• 10000m (29:16.00 – Deaflympic Record)

Simon Cherono was clearly the men"s athletics star in a very high quality Deaflympics athletics competition which saw 16 World Records, 19 World Junior Records and 37 Deaflympic Records – the most that ever been achieved in a single Deaflympics.

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

OBOTIN Vitalii flag: Russian Federation RUSSwimming
CHOI Changhoon flag: Korea KORShooting
STEINER Philipp flag: Switzerland SUIAlpine Skiing
AN Seongjo flag: Korea KORBowling
ERMILOV Sergey flag: Russian Federation RUSCross Country Skiing
DINGES Viktor flag: Russian Federation RUSOrienteering
KAZANTSEV Vyacheslav flag: Russian Federation RUSIce Hockey
MCLEOD Jack flag: Australia AUSGolf
NOSENKO Mykola flag: Ukraine UKRAthletics