2000 Sportsman of the Year

Terence PARKIN

Photo: Terence PARKIN

Flag: South Africa South Africa (RSA)


The much-publicized deaf sportsman in the world sports media in 2000 as he was one of the two deaf persons to take part at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia - there he won a silver medal in the 200m breaststroke event and broke several deaf world records in different distance races. Silver medalist in the 200m breaststroke and 400m individual medley at the 2000 World Championships among the non-deaf held at Athens, Greece.

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

BAGGA Rajeev flag: India INDBadminton
PETERSSON Lars flag: Sweden SWEShooting
TISHCHENKO Sergey flag: Russian Federation RUSCross Country Skiing
PONTON Cristian flag: Italy ITAAthletics
IKUSHIMA Masayuki flag: Japan JPNTable Tennis
LAURENT Mikael flag: France FRATennis
MAGNUSSON Denver flag: Australia AUSGolf
AKHMEDOV Khakim flag: Uzbekistan UZBFootball
CAPEK, JR. Jan flag: Czech Republic CZECycling Road