Sundsvall 2003 - Alpine Skiing

Location:Sundsvall, Sweden
Opening Date:28 Feb 2003
Closing Date:08 Mar 2003

The National Swedish Association of Deaf Athletics and the City of Sundsvall were proud to be the host of the first-ever Winter Deaflympics. Sundsvall offered excellent winter sport facilities along with past experiences in arranging national and international winter sports events.

Snowboarding is now recognized as a new winter discipline in the Deaflympic sports competition.

Countries participated:

Flag: Austria Austria325
Flag: Canada Canada213
Flag: Czech Republic Czech Republic112
Flag: France France101
Flag: Germany Germany426
Flag: Italy Italy404
Flag: Japan Japan628
Flag: Netherlands Netherlands011
Flag: Poland Poland112
Flag: Slovakia Slovakia314
Flag: Slovenia Slovenia235
Flag: Sweden Sweden101
Flag: Switzerland Switzerland336
Flag: Turkiye Turkiye314
Flag: United States United States538