Adelboden 1971


Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom 2 - women

27 Jan 1971

1MARCINUK Tamara PetreFlag - United States USA1:18.45
2SONDEREGGER Helene Flag - Switzerland SUI1:21.11
3KLINGENMEIER (KLINGENMAIER) Ingrid Flag - West Germany FRG1:27.11
4KOSTER Elisabeth Flag - Switzerland SUI1:31.92
5STOKES Susan JeanFlag - United States USA1:32.56
6D'EPAGNIER Margrit Flag - Switzerland SUI1:32.64
7FEEST Christa Flag - West Germany FRG1:34.31
8WOLF Vreni Flag - Switzerland SUI1:47.41
Note: Due to insufficient of snow, downhill was cancelled and replaced with this second event.
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