Köln 1981


Shooting 50m small bore rifle (3x40 shots) - mix

25 Jul 1981

1DUNKL Waltraud Flag - Austria AUT1108
2WÜTHRICH Ueli Flag - Switzerland SUI1108
3LUNDVALL Sven Anders Flag - Sweden SWE1102
4MOMTSCHIL (MOMTCHIL) Yovkov (Iovkov) (Jovkov) Flag - Bulgaria BUL1102
5DI SAPIO Fausto Flag - Italy ITA1100
6ENDRIZZI Antonio Flag - Italy ITA1097
7ANDRESEN Erik Flag - Norway NOR1095
8JOHANSSON Lars Gunnar Flag - Sweden SWE1094
Note: DUNKL had 53-10's and WÜTHRICH had 52-10's to break the tie for gold medal. For bronze, LUNDVALL had 57-10's and MOMTSCHIL had 55-10's.
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