Cycling Road & Mountain Bike

World Deaf Cycling Champions
In the early part of June, I will go to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, to do a site inspection for the 2011 World Deaf Cycling Championships. I will share my report from that visit online. As Bobby Skedsmo announced in the November 2009 issue of eNews, this event will take place in the first half of June 2011. The specific dates will not be confirmed until November 2010, in order to allow coordination with another major event happening in Quebec at the same time – the 2011 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix race.

With just one year remaining before the world championships, I encourage coaches and deaf sports federations from all participating countries to intensify their efforts in identifying women cyclists in both road and mountain biking events, and supporting their preparation for this event. Italy sent one woman to the last World Deaf Cycling Championships, in San Francisco. That woman competed against men. The goal for the 2011 championships is to have enough women for them to compete in their own division. Having race experience against international deaf cyclists during the World Championships is critical in preparing for the 2013 Summer Deaflympics, so this is the ideal time for women to begin preparing.

Tour de Formosa
This fall, Taiwan will once again host the Tour de Formosa. Unlike the 2008 Tour de Formosa, this is an open competition; cyclists do not have to be invited. Each country may send up to four cyclists and two support personnel (coach, interpreter). All participants are responsible for their own airfare to Taipei, but food, lodging and transportation during the tour will be provided by Taiwan. This is an outstanding opportunity for cyclists to gain additional experience against international deaf cyclists. See the video provided by Taiwanese officials here for more information. If you are interested in participating in the Tour de Formosa, please contact your country's deaf sports federation or deaf cycling team coach.

ICSD Technical Director - Cycling Road & Mountain Bike