Trude RAAD

Photo - RAAD Trude
Photo - RAAD Trude

Flag - NOR Norway

Deaflympic Medals:

4 0 0

First Deaflympic Games: Taipei 2009

Born: 1990

Gender: w

2008 Sportswoman of the Year Award Winner and 2009 Sportswoman of the Year Finalist.

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Taipei 2009AthleticsDiscus Throw (Women)Gold
Taipei 2009AthleticsHammer Throw (Women)Gold
Taipei 2009AthleticsShot Put (Women)8th
Sofia 2013AthleticsDiscus Throw (Women)6th
Sofia 2013AthleticsHammer Throw (Women)Gold
Sofia 2013AthleticsShot Put (Women)
Samsun 2017AthleticsHammer Throw (Women)Gold