Photo: Ingo Fritz SCHWEINSBERG

Flag - GER Germany

Deaflympic Medals:

2 0 1

First Deaflympic Games: Sofia 1993

Born: 1969

Gender: m

3-time Sportsman of the Year Finalist (2004, 2005, and 2009).

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Sofia 1993Shooting10m Air Rifle
Sofia 1993Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions
Sofia 1993Shooting50m Rifle Prone
Copenhagen 1997Shooting10m Air Rifle
Copenhagen 1997Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions
Copenhagen 1997Shooting50m Rifle Prone
Rome 2001Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions
Rome 2001Shooting50m Rifle Prone
Melbourne 2005Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions
Melbourne 2005Shooting50m Rifle Prone
Taipei 2009Shooting10m Air Rifle (Men)Bronze
Taipei 2009Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions (Men)Gold
Taipei 2009Shooting50m Rifle Prone (Men)Gold
Sofia 2013Shooting10m Air Rifle (Men)
Sofia 2013Shooting50m Rifle 3 Positions (Men)5th
Sofia 2013Shooting50m Rifle Prone (Men)4th