Update Brazil Symposium

As you know, ICSD has been working on our reform program of work, with the goal of having our new proposed constitution and bylaws ratified by Congress in Italy, 2019.

ICSD with the support of the IOC have been working on this to improve parts of our constitution and bylaws that needed to incorporate best practice in governance.

Key changes included the introduction of an Ethics Commission, an Athletes Commission with the Chair of the Athletes Commission given a seat on the ICSD board with full voting rights, IDSF’s (International Deaf Sports Federations) given voting rights at Congress and Memorandum of Understanding arrangements to be put in place with IDSFs wanting to deliver world championships.

ICSD were very keen to involve as many members in reviewing these changes and the symposium in Brazil was an opportunity for these discussions to take place.

On the weekend, the ICSD Executive Board met to discuss advice received from the Organising Committee of the Brazil Symposium that due to low numbers of members indicating their intention to participate that they were not progressing with the symposium. It was with regret that the board accepted this advice that hosting a symposium was not feasible in these circumstances.

The ICSD board believes it is very important that as many of our members have the opportunity to understand these key proposed changes to our constitution and bylaws prior to Congress and it was agreed that the ICSD board together with our  regional confederation Presidents and members of the ICSD Reform Commission would work together to communicate and gain feedback from as many of our members between now and Congress in December. We believe it is critical that these keys changes are socialised as widely as possible to ensure that members have all the information they need when voting for the adoption of the new Constitution and bylaws.

I look forward to your support and input with these changes. The quality of our changes improves when we all contribute and with your input, I look forward to presenting a new draft Constitution and bylaws that has your support.

Thank you.

Rebecca Adam
ICSD President