President's Update - World Olympian Forum

Good day!

I am delighted to be here today.

Last October, I took part in the work of the 1st World Olympians Forum that was held here, in Moscow. 284 delegates were in attendance, registered from 121 different National Olympians Associations as well as a host of other notable names within the Olympic Movement. Many Olympian athletes also attended in the forum. One of the key highlights of the forum was the Signing of the Declaration of Support for the Olympic Charter, having signed by Olympians of all five continents.

The declaration pledges: to continue to spread the spirit and practice of Olympism in our communities, to work for peace and a better life for all through sport, to help our fellow Olympians with their life transitions and their post-career health and fitness issues.

This forum is a truly an historic event which was held for the very first time in history of modern Olympic Movement. And, for me as the ICSD President, I was directly involved in the elaboration of the Olympic Movement Roadmap.

I am grateful to realise that one of the priorities of this strategy is the active collaboration with athletes-Olympians, including Deaf athletes.

The forum was also joined by Joel Bouzou, President of World Olympians Association (WOA), Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Thomas Bach, the President of International Olympic Committee and along with other key figures.

Mr. Bouzou said: “This Inaugural World Olympic Forum will be a fantastic platform to bring together all NOAs and key figures from the Olympic family to promote the Olympic values”. I myself would like to emphasise and promote about Deaf sport movement more in the future. I had the opportunity to talk with WOA President Mr. Bouzou that ICSD wants to work on building a closer relationship with WOA in the near future, bringing our Deaf athletes to the next level equivalent to hearing Olympians.

Thank you!

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