ICSD Executive Board reacts to the MoU

Bjórn Róine, President of the European Deaf Sports Organization (EDSO), predicts that many new relationships will be formed with this official MoU, and will work towards one with European Olympics Committee (EOC). He feels that the MoU will bring higher accreditation for Deaf sports and Deaflympics. 

Kang Chen, ICSD Vice President - World Sports, shares that even with the official MoU, Asian countries still will have their struggles, and it will take longer for the governments to be more supportive of Deaf Asian sports federations and athletes. 

David Lanesman, ICSD Vice President - Youth Sports, shares how excited he is to see the MoU officiated and that there will be World Deaf Youth Games in Argentina in 2018. He also mentions that a Youth Games committee has been formed, and in the planning stages now with three representatives, and anticipates growth. The ultimate goal is to encourage Deaf youth to participate in sports and then enter the Deaflympics. 

Marijo Lucis, ICSD EB member at Large, explains why it is important for ICSD to have an office at Lausanne, Switzerland, as it is the mecca of the world of sports, bringing more potential alliances between global sports organizations, along with a stronger relationship with IOC. He also mentions that with the MoU, it strengthens the future of Deaf athletes worldwide. 

Rebecca Adam, ICSD EB member at Large, explains that the MoU is a document of a sworn promise and recognizes ICSD as a separate entity under IOC and any contracts made under the MoU are legal obligations. This is a very special moment in history for Deaf sports, and so many people are excited about this milestone in the history of ICSD.