Letter by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Republic of Turkey

In the letter released on 14 December 2017, the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports, Akif Cagatay Kilic expressed his enthusiasm at the upcoming 23rd Summer Deaflympics as well as showing great pride at the Organizing Committee's devotion with the plans for this special event.  Furthermore, the Minister gave strong assurance that even though the risk of terrorism at Samsun is at very minimum, the committee nevertheless worked hard and intensively to provide top-level security in and around the host city, at the sports venues, and at residential areas.  They will also pay attention to the details of flight arrivals and departures of all those involved with Deaflympics at the main airports in Turkey.  All in all, the Republic of Turkey looks forward welcoming and having everyone catch the spirit of Deaflympics.

The letter can be read in full format here.