ICSD President's Statement on the Paris terrorist attacks


Today, while no one could know where and when the disaster, which had happened in France on the 13th of November would strike again, I am urging you and all of us to rally together against terrorism;  we shall prove that peace is the sole way to preserve humanity.

We believe in doing all we can do to promote sports culture and Olympic values among the public, especially to the youth all across the World.  Our belief in this will allow us to attract lost young people as well as others.  Overall, we will help disabuse the negative views those may have gotten on the current society ideals by involving sports.  It is through sports involvement that the principles of humanity and morality are common to all.

We are expressing our sincerest and deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in France.

We are mourning and praying with you. 

Valery Rukhledev