ICSD President's Message on ICSD Reform Commisison

Dear athletes and members,

I am pleased to announce the formation of the new ICSD Reform Commission following the ICSD Executive Board’s endorsement of the Terms of Reference which will be made available on the ICSD website.  The new ICSD Reform Commission is responsible for the co-ordination and oversight of the ICSD Reform Program and will play a very important role in the changes taking place in ICSD.  The following appointments to the ICSD Reform Commission have been confirmed by the ICSD Executive Board:

Chairperson:    Rebecca ADAM (President)
Members:        Dr Donalda AMMONS (Honorary Life Member)
                      Jean-Pierre PEMHA (Cameroon / Africa)
                      Norbert HENSEN (Germany / Europe)
                      Mark KUSIAK (Canada / Pan-America)
                      TBC  (Asia Pacific)
                      Irina GLADKIKH (IOC Representative)

The appointments recognise the importance that the ICSD Executive Board attaches to equitable representation across our regions, believing that this provides a range of skills, experience, and perspective that better enables ICSD to support all deaf athletes and members.  ICSD received more expressions of interest than there are places available on the Commission and I would like to convey my appreciation to everyone who took the time to apply.  We will be in touch with the people who have missed out to discuss with them the roles available on other ICSD Commissions.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all the individuals who have been appointed to the new Commission and I look forward to working together to deliver this very important program!

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Adam
ICSD President