ICSD President's Message on Commissions

Dear athletes and members,

This video message today is about the ICSD Commissions.  There are five (5) key groups that are involved in the management of ICSD:
1. Congress – the governing body of ICSD.
2. Executive Board – responsible for developing the ICSD strategy and overseeing the operations.
3. Secretariat – responsible for the day-to-day administration of the ICSD including the Deaflympics.
4. Technical Directors – responsible for managing the ICSD competitions.
5. Commissions – responsible for providing recommendations and advice on policy matters to the ICSD Executive Board and Congress.

The ICSD Commissions play a vital role in the effective functioning and governance of ICSD and we need more members involved to make them work.  Ideally, we would like five (5) members for each Commission: 1 chairperson and 1 representative from each region and we are seeking immediate nominations for the following Commissions:
• Reform Commission
• Legal Commission
• Women in Sport Commission
• Medical and Anti-Doping Commission
• Finance & Sponsorship Commission

If you are interested in contributing to ICSD and feel you have the right skills and experience, please get in contact with either myself or the ICSD CEO, Dmitry Rebrov at office@ciss.org  The Executive Board and I look forward to working together with you to create a stronger and united ICSD!

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Adam
ICSD President