Doping and Audiogram Tests at the Deaflympics are historically the highest

Samsun 2017 - Anti-doping

At the 23rd Summer Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey ICSD is cooperating with the Ankara Anti-Doping Agency. Fifteen (15) Doping Control Officers only from the Agency are working at the fields and sporting venues at the same time. The entire team of anti-doping experts followed a course of international sign in order to minimize communication problem and perform their duties successfully and productively. ICSD anti-doping team is monitoring the process randomly at the venues.

All the twenty-one (21) sports disciplines of the Games are constantly monitored as well as the highest percentage of anti-doping tests is being taken during the Deaflympics. The accent is set on the first three scores - gold, silver and bronze and the athletes that showed the new world records are paid a special attention and always tested.

Athletics, swimming, judo, karate, taekwondo and wrestling are considered a vulnerable area with the majority of tests being done. As of today 197 tests have been already performed and shipped to the laboratory in Ankara. The work will be conducted until the end of the Games.

The audiogram tests (hearing tests) have been conducted since the moment the athletes started arriving to Samsun and simultaneously with their accreditation. 800 athletes have been already tested, including all the new athletes. Since the beginning of the competitions, the random tests are being carried out. Six (6) athletes have been disqualified so far. The ICSD Audiology commission is at place for the administrative hearings if any disputes are raised by the athletes.

According to the ICSD Audiogram regulations, Participants in the Deaflympics and ICSD sanctioned competitions must be: “Deaf, defined as a hearing loss of at least 55dB pure tone average (PTA) in the better ear (three-tone pure tone average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, air conduction, ISO 1969 Standard)”.