Dismissal of Pinchas' Lawsuit

Frederick, MD., - The United States District Court for the District of Maryland in Baltimore dismissed Rafael I. Pinkashov Pinchas' latest and third piece of litigation against the organization's present and past officers John Lovett, Donalda Ammons and Jerald Jordan.

William M. Nickerson, Senior U.S. District Judge, declared that the Civil Action No. WMN-03-2690 is closed and shall be deemed to be a final judgment. He further cautioned Pinchas that it "will not hesitate to impose sanctions should he file another frivolous suit."

However, Rafael Pinchas has filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, VA from the decision entered by the court in Baltimore.  In Pinchas' appeal, he said that the Baltimore court decision was another huge setback and moral insult to him.

According to Kelby N. Brick, lead attorney for the defendants and the organization, the appeal is expected to be overturned, due to lack of merit and credibility.

The ICSD family will not allow Pinchas' actions to divert ICSD from its obligation and commitment to serve all its members fairly and ethically while promoting the ideals behind the motto — Per Ludos Aequalitas - Equality through sports. The organization will continue to develop and to promote sport training and competition in the deaf international sporting community and promote international relations on the playing field.

By Secretariat