2019 Congress

Dear ICSD members,

Greetings from Australia, it is winter here now and cold – brrrr!  By now you will have received the announcement from the ICSD Secretariat about the 47th ICSD Congress in Italy this December.  I would like to share with you some more information about a few things.

1. Dates:  The 47th Congress will take place on 10-11 December 2019 in Verceia, Italy.  A provisional agenda is provided in the email.

2. Reform Forum:  As part of the Reform Program, regional forums will be taking place this year prior to the Congress to explain and discuss the proposed changes to ICSD.  On 9 December, one day before the Congress starts, we will be holding a final forum before seeking approval for the new ICSD Governance Handbook during Congress.

3. Filling the Vacancy for President:  After the resignation of Dr Rukhledev in July 2018, the Executive Board filled the vacancy by appointing me President until the 2019 Congress.  At the 2019 Congress, the position of President will become vacant again.  Unfortunately, the current Constitution does not allow a normal election to take place at a Congress other than at the Summer Deaflympics.  However, we can have a motion at Congress to fill the vacancy until 2021 and at the end of discussing that motion, we can have a vote.  If you wish to nominate a person for President, please submit a motion with the candidate’s details to the ICSD Secretariat by the 9 August deadline.

4. New Constitution:  As a result of the complications that have been created by this unique situation, the new Constitution will be changed to allow an election for vacancies on the Executive Board to take place at a Congress other than the Summer Deaflympics.
If you have any questions, please contact either myself or the ICSD Office.  Thank you for your time and good luck to your athletes for the forthcoming World Championships!

Kind regards,

Rebecca Adam
ICSD President