Identity Guidelines

Deaflympics logo without logotype


building a consistent brand image

The Deaflympic brand is one of the organization’s most precious assets. The logo is an important component that helps to energize and invigorate the brand.

The graphic elements of the Deaflympic identity system—the Deaflympic signature, the colors and the Myriad Pro typeface—are among the most valuable marketing and communications tools we have. When used properly, these elements support a carefully designed identity system: they allow us to speak with one voice in the marketplace.

These standards provide the building blocks for supporting the Deaflympic identity. They are designed to help you apply the Deaflympic logo correctly and consistently across all media. The Deaflympic logo may only be used for products, services and offers in accordance with the terms of the license agreement with Deaflympics.

The Deaflympic signature is composed of two elements: the Deaflympic symbol and the Deaflympic custom-drawn logotype.

Please note: This customization provides optimum legibility in all sizes and orientations. Do not attempt to recreate this artwork. These elements must always remain in the exact size and position that appear in the reproducible artwork.


deaflympic logo system

Below is an overview of the Deaflympic logo system. It organizes the logos based on color, grayscale, positive or reverse. There are 12 approved versions for the Deaflympic logo.

Please note: The Deaflympic identity shown below and throughout these guidelines are used as illustrative examples. These guidelines apply to all Deaflympic logo versions. The signature is not intended to become a permanent part of the Deaflympic logo. Because the logo is new and is just being introduced to the public, we need to give our audience time to become familiar with the meaning of the logo and to associate it with the Deaflympics. The signature may be omitted at a time deemed appropriate by the ICSD-Deaflympic committee.


using the logo color variations in media

The chart below provides recommended use of the various Deaflympic logos (symbol or signature) on specific applications. For more information, please contact ICSD-Deaflympics.


measuring the signature clear area

A clear area around the logo and the signature will insure that it has maximum visibility and impact on every communication. Avoid crowding the signature with other graphic elements such as typography and imagery. As illustrated below, the distance of the symbol (X) has been chosen as the standard unit of measurement for calculating the signature clear area.



Our colors are Blue, Yellow, Green and Red.

When printed, these colors may vary because of paper stock or printing techniques.The production colors should be visually matched to the approved Deaflympic colors.To obtain consistency across all applications, the standard used to determine all Deaflympic colors was the Pantone coated swatch color system.

Pantone ® 294 for Blue. Pantone 485 is an acceptable match for Red, Pantone 108 for Yellow, and Pantone 355 for Green.

For web use, the Deaflympics colors must be optimized to the proper Hex values.To obtain consistency and minimize dithering, build the correct Hex value before converting to a GIF graphic. GIF files are the preferred format for displaying the logo along with the colors.



Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces our personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all Deaflympic communications. We have selected Myriad Pro, which helps inject energy and enthusiasm into the entire Deaflympic communications, as the primary typeface.


proper logo placement

The logo incorporates the four colors of the national flags of the world, but not limit to this concept. The colors also represent the Earth: Blue is the sky, green is the grass, yellow for the sunrise and red for the sunset. When placing the logo keep in mind that blue is always on top (sky), green is on the bottom (grass), The sun rises from the east and continues toward to the west where it goes down. Thus, yellow will always be on the right side and the red on left side.

If you keep this concept in mind it will help you to properly place the logo especially on the flag.


avoiding common errors

The Deaflympic logo is one of Deaflympics most valuable assets and the equity in the Deaflympic identity must not be depreciated in any way. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure proper reproduction and application of the Deaflympic logo. The examples below and on the following pages illustrate some of the most common application errors.



Branding - The identification of a product, service or offer with the parent company.

Brand mark (or logo) - A simple graphic element (with or without text) used to identify a company. Notable non-Deaflympic examples include the Nike “swoosh” and McDonald’s “golden arches.”

Clear area - The space around the signature that is kept empty to isolate the signature/symbol and make it easier to see.

Configuration - The arrangement of graphic elements of a Deaflympic signature. The size and position relationships of the elements within an approved signature configuration are fixed, and must not be altered.

Copyright - The exclusive legal right to copy, publish and sell materials such as an ad. Also, the mark that indicates a work is so protected.

Deaflympic color - Blue (PMS 293), Yellow (PMS108), Green (PMS 355) and Red (PMS 485) are the primary Deaflympic colors.

Deaflympic signature - The combination of the Deaflympic symbol and the Deaflympic logotype.

Font - The style of type used. Deaflympics uses the Myriad family of fonts.

Myriad - Deaflympics’ corporate typeface for headlines, subheads and captions on all television broadcast and printed communi-cations materials. The typeface projects the distinctive tone, manner and attributes appropriate to Deaflympics’ personality.

Symbol - A four colored asterik with a white hole in the center. The symbol always appears in combination with the Deaflympic logotype in the Deaflympic signature.

Lock-up - The arrangement of the Deaflympic Signature.

Logotype - The name “Deaflympics” in specially drawn letterforms. It cannot be set in standard typefaces. Almost always, the logotype is joined with the symbol in an approved configuration.

Positive (signature) - The positive version is used when the signature appears on a white background. It may not be inverted (modified to reverse form) for use on a dark background.

Reverse (signature) - The reverse version is used when the signature appears on a black background. It may not be inverted (modified to positive form) for use on a light background.

Service mark or trademark - A legally protected name for a Deaflympic product, service or offer; or graphically, the notation indicating that such a product, service or offer is legally protected.

Signature - Any symbol and/or logotype that officially represents a company.

Tagline - A phrase designed to stay in the consumer’s mind that will reinforce the association between a marketing communications piece and Deaflympics.

Typography - The method of displaying text. It covers font styles, sizes and colors.