Under the direction of the ICSD Secretariat, the voluntary but highly respectful role of an ICSD President is to act as a spokesperson for the Deaflympics and world deaf championship events and to preside ICSD Congresses.  That is just to name a few responsibilities of the leadership position. 

Below are the names of the ICSD/CISS Presidents, years in the role, and quick background facts:

photo: Eugène  Rubens-Alcais

Eugène Rubens-Alcais

Founder and first president (1924-1953), an auto mechanic by profession, came to be known as the deaf version of Baron de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics.

photo: Oscar  Ryden

Oscar Ryden

Second president (1953-1955), a Swedish joiner and woodcarver, sculptor, editor and lecturer.

photo: Jens Peter Nielsen

Jens Peter Nielsen

Third president (1955-1961), a Danish carpenter and lifelong organizer and leader of deaf sports.

photo: Pierre  Bernhard

Pierre Bernhard

Fourth president (1961-1971), a French carpenter, wood sculptor, coffin maker, World War II resistance fighter and author.

photo: Jerald M. Jordan

Jerald M. Jordan

Fifth president (1971-1995), an American printer, teacher, Director of Admissions and Records at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, and the first CISS President to receive the Olympic Order from the IOC, in 1995.

photo: John M. Lovett

John M. Lovett

Sixth president (1995-2003), an Australian government administrator who put Australia on the world map of deaf sports.

photo: Donalda Kay Ammons

Donalda Kay Ammons

Seventh president (2003-2009), an American educator and professor at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, who was appointed acting president upon the untimely death of John M. Lovett; At the 2005 Congress she was officially elected to the president position.

photo: Craig Andrew Crowley

Craig Andrew Crowley

Eighth president (2009-2013), A British Chief Executive Officer with senior and executive management experience in voluntary organisations. Craig was previously a sports coach and a Deaflympian.  He was also the founding President (Chair) of UK Deaf Sport.

photo: Valery Nikitich Rukhledev

Valery Nikitich Rukhledev

Ninth President (2013-present), a six-time Deaflympics Champion in Wrestling, one of the ten top ICSD/Deaflympics Athlete of the Century Award recipients, prominent public and political figure on the national and international levels, and long-time deaf sports Executive in his country.