Yao-Chien CHANG

Photo - CHANG Yao-Chien
Photo - CHANG Yao-Chien

Flag - TPE Chinese Taipei

Deaflympic Medals:

5 1 0

First Deaflympic Games: Melbourne 2005

Born: 1975

Gender: w

2009 Sportswoman of the Year Finalist.

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Melbourne 2005BowlingDoubles6th
Melbourne 2005BowlingSingles
Melbourne 2005BowlingTeam (Women)Gold
Melbourne 2005BowlingTrios
Taipei 2009BowlingDoubles (Women)6th
Taipei 2009BowlingMasters (Women)Gold
Taipei 2009BowlingSingles (Women)Gold
Taipei 2009BowlingTeam (Women)Gold
Taipei 2009BowlingTrios (Women)Gold
Sofia 2013BowlingDoubles (Women)5th
Sofia 2013BowlingSingles (Women)
Sofia 2013BowlingTeam (Women)Silver
Samsun 2017BowlingAll Events (Women)
Samsun 2017BowlingDoubles (Women)8th
Samsun 2017BowlingMasters (Women)
Samsun 2017BowlingSingles (Women)13th
Samsun 2017BowlingTeam (Women)
Samsun 2017BowlingTrios (Women)5th