2006 Sportswoman of the Year


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Flag: Sweden Sweden (SWE)


Anna’s accomplishments for this year were at the EDSO Swimming Championships in Thessaloniki, Greece where she had six (6) of the total 17 medals for Sweden. Three (3) of them are gold, two (2) silver and one (1) bronze. In addition, Anna holds 25 European records, eight (8) of them are senior records at 25 m pool, and another eight (8) of them are junior records also at 25m pool. Two (2) of them are senior records at 50m pool and another seven (7) of them are junior records at 50m pool.

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

DAVISON JoanneFlag: Great Britain Great Britain (GBR)Athletics
DOVYDAITYTE KristinaFlag: Lithuania Lithuania (LTU)Badminton
FISCHER SaskiaFlag: Germany Germany (GER)Badminton
JANK VeronikaFlag: Austria Austria (AUT)Swimming
BARAMOVA GerganaFlag: Bulgaria Bulgaria (BUL)Badminton

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