2005 Sportswoman of the Year


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Flag: China China (CHN)

Table Tennis

Her accomplishments for this year include gold medals in single, double and mixed event and a silver medal in team event of table tennis at the Melbourne Summer Deaflympics. Ce also brought home gold medal in single, double, mixed and team at the National Table Tennis Games in July of 2005.

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

HANNE MargaretaFlag: Czech Republic Czech Republic (CZE)Athletics
PETRUSHENKA AksanaFlag: Belarus Belarus (BLR)Swimming
FEDOROVA OlgaFlag: Russian Federation Russian Federation (RUS)Swimming
OLENKO KairitFlag: Estonia Estonia (EST)Athletics
POLIVANCHUK AlexandraFlag: Sweden Sweden (SWE)Swimming
ALDER-BAERENS NeleFlag: Germany Germany (GER)Athletics
ZVERYNSKA InnaFlag: Ukraine Ukraine (UKR)Athletics
DOVYDAITYTE KristinaFlag: Lithuania Lithuania (LTU)Badminton
FORONDA TamaraFlag: United States United States (USA)Beach Volleyball

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