1997 Sportsman of the Year

Terence PARKIN

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Flag: South Africa South Africa (RSA)


The much-talked sportsman at the Copenhagen Games, where Terence won 5 gold medals, broke 4 World and 5 Games records. He competed at the world championships for hearing in Sweden where he produced several remarkable results in different distances that were better than the world records he set at Copenhagen.

Other top finishers in this ranking order:

KEALY JohnFlag: Ireland Ireland (IRL)Swimming
BAGGA RajeevFlag: India India (IND)Badminton
STIENSTRA JanFlag: Netherlands Netherlands (NED)Shooting
HAMILL MatthewFlag: United States United States (USA)Wrestling Freestyle
KOSENKO ValeriyFlag: Russian Federation Russian Federation (RUS)Athletics
PONTON CristianFlag: Italy Italy (ITA)Athletics
RIZVANOVIC SenadFlag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia (YUG)Wrestling Greco-Roman
BEDNAREK MiroslawFlag: Germany Germany (GER)Athletics

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